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Ions Chemicals

IONS developed it’s own state-of-the-art in chemical and industrial services that help clients optimize operational performance and drive maximum value.

This is done through utilizing effective chemicals to improve productivity and reduce the total cost of operations while minimizing the overall environmental footprint.

IONS manufacturing its own products at multiple production sites, in addition to the inhouse laboratories.

 IONS Products range are covering multiple important sectors, as we’re professionals in the water treatment applications and process additives, thereby offering solutions for vast applications and industries including oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, cement and concrete.

IONS is continuously developing its R&D activities to address changing industry requirements.

Our Vision

To be  Highly  diversified Manufacture & Distribution Chemical company  in Egypt , Middle  east and Africa.

In Figures : We target to Reach 1 K MT /Month Trading in local market  and to exist in surrounding markets .

Why Choose Us?

  • Expected growth in Egyptian Economy.
  • Better Political Relation with surrounding countries.
  • Interest of some big customers to cooperate with Ions Egypt.
  • Export our products.

Excellent Solution For Your Business

Partnership Company Founded in Seb 2009.

Business Core , Manufacturing  and Trading for special

Industrial Chemicals for petroleum companies.

Manufacture  and Trading for special Chemicals for water treatment sector.

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