Water Treatment

Closed Circuit

Your closed loop water system is just as susceptible to malfunction as any open system. Undiagnosed leaks permit air to enter the system, allowing for corrosion and bacteria to begin contaminating the cooling water.

To ensure that such closed-circuit heating and cooling systems are well maintained and operate at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times. This can be achieved using carefully selected closed circuit water treatment chemicals.

Our extensive range of high-performance closed loop treatment chemicals include anti-foulants, specific corrosion inhibitors, multi-functional scale and corrosion inhibitors, and anti-freeze and de-icing products for frost protection applications.

Cooling Tower​

Scaling, fouling, biological contamination and corrosion in cooling water systems directly affect the efficiency and safety of plant operations across industries.

Industries utilize cooling towers to maintain heat transfer surfaces and enable process heat removal and product throughput. In commercial or building applications, cooling towers are utilized for comfort cooling.

IONS Cooling System Treatment Program includes blends of effective chemicals and service by professional engineers.

 The customized treatment solutions are generated by covering and modeling the full chemical, operational and mechanical aspects of the cooling system.

To ensure efficient operation and long life, IONS offers a broad selection of filtration solutions to remove suspended solids and control biological growth in the recirculating water stream which can:

  • Improve system efficiency
  • Minimize annual cleanings
  • Maximize chemical program effectiveness
  • Support effective microbiological control
  • Reduce overall cost of operation


Almost every industrial plant relies on steam generation in the production facility for heating or direct use on steam in the process.

Heat transfer and steam generating efficiency are critical metrics for any steam generating system and can impact everything from fuel costs to maintenance expenses and unscheduled outages. Deposition and corrosion are two key problems that can negatively affect these metrics as well as the overall reliability of the system.

The reliable production of steam generation requires an effective chemical program, proper application and continuous monitoring.

IONS takes into consideration all the requirements and system parameters when designing an effective and comprehensive program for boiler treatment and has a wide range of customized products based on industry type, boiler design and steam use. The full range of boiler water treatment chemicals and testing can maximize system efficiency, eliminate unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Deslination Plant​

Prevention of mineral scale deposits on membranes by use of effective antiscalants can assure the prevention of membrane fouling and optimum plant productivity.

IONS wide range of antiscalants, has been developed to deliver superior protection for a wide range of RO systems producing potable water or purifying industrial water. 

ION series especially conceived for Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration treatment plants. This range helps to reduce maintenance and operation costs, protect the expensive membrane elements and ensure smooth and efficient operation, through dichlorination, surface disinfection and/or membranes cleaning. It includes:



Chlorine removal

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